Agape Crystals contain the energies of many different minerals, the seven most common being Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Lepidocrocite and Goethite combined. The word "AGAPE" comes from the Greek word meaning "an out-pouring of unconditional love". After many years of cutting, polishing and faceting these crystals, we have also discovered some rare crystals that have exhibited patches of Citrine, inclusions of Hematite, Mica, Clevelandite and Pyrite for a total of twelve possible inclusions. Because of their rarity, many of these have found a treasured place in our collection. Generally speaking though, the more minerals that are visible, the more valued the stone, whether natural, polished or faceted. In addition, all of our Agape Crystals and the jewelry made from them have been bathed in the waters of a beautiful crystal clear, spring-fed waters in our beloved Ouachita National Forest.

The "brotherhood" of minerals contained within these crystals is not unlike our brothers and sisters of our Native American Medicine Wheel, combining and sharing their energies and gifts with their human companions to help them on their paths to spiritual enlightenment and completion. These phenomenal crystals never need clearing or cleansing and can exhibit all the formations, traits and habits of Rock Crystal. They can be found only in Espirito Santo (meaning Holy Spirit) Brazil and come from an area there which is well known for its many varieties of included Quartz and other gemstones. When rotated within our fingers with light upon them, the tiny rainbows created by all the mineral inclusions, sometimes exhibit a "flambeau" effect. Like a magnificent display of "fireworks" encased in stone, they are reminiscent of the energy emissions of Aurora Borealis. Agape Crystal vibrates to the master number 11, the most intuitive of all numbers, representing illumination and deep insight, as well as spiritual harmony.

In addition to carrying the individual properties of each mineral contained within the stone, Agape Crystals have come to be associated with an out-pouring of the Divine Feminine energies such as unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing, to name a few. During the many years we have been working with them, and in these days of ever-growing spiritual enlightenment, these Agape Crystals have shown themselves to be a wonderful companion stone for "reviewing and releasing" old ways of thinking and acting which do not serve us on our paths to enlightenment, or those which do not allow the ways of "peace and harmony" to rule in our lives. In addition, and in our own experience, these amazing crystals can aid in awakening, stimulating, and developing our psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.

*It should be noted here that even if some of these minerals are microscopic and not eye-visible within the stone, all of their properties are still within the crystal, as they are all indigenous to the area where these crystals are mined. Rarely do we find even the seven most common minerals within the same stone, but just like the minerals within Mother Earth that flow through the vine to the grape and give a fine wine its distinct flavor, so do these minerals combine to create this incredible crystal.

Agape Crystals are a tremendous gift from Mother Earth which have come to light now, to assist us all in developing our gifts and abilities to be used with wisdom and compassion, in conjunction with the healing and ascension of Earth Mother and all her inhabitants. They can help you to recognize and embrace the gifts or abilities you may not yet be using, and are especially good for those who may be experiencing empathetic feelings with Mother Earth, or are dealing with the results of the "earth changes" which have already begun and are progressing rapidly now. A wondrous gift to humanity, we are truly blessed to be working with them and look forward to sharing them with you.



Here then are some of the physical and metaphysical properties of the seven most commonly found minerals within these incredible Agape Crystals.

AMETHYST is a variety of Quartz (silicon Dioxide with aluminum, manganese and iron) which can be found all over the world. A crystalline formation, Amethyst is often found in geodes, and depending on the amount of aluminum present, colors will range from lavender to deep purple.

Amethyst is a wonderful companion stone for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment, and opens us to receiving an out-pouring of Divine Love. It is a great bestower of strength, stability and peace in stressful situations, being a very strong tool for transmuting "negative" to "positive" energy. It is a terrific choice for those wishing to instill more patience in their lives, reminding us that we always have "enough" time for everything. Amethyst is also an excellent choice for shielding and protecting against psychic and negative attack.
CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, sometimes known as Rock Crystal, is solidified, silicon dioxide. The most common mineral in the kingdom, it can be found all over the world in many different formations from tiny grains of sand to flowing sheets, to massive, hexagonal prismatic crystals. Large deposits of Rock Crystal can be found and are commercially mined in Mt. Ida Arkansas "The Crystal Capital of the World," as well as Brazil and the island of Madagascar.

Quartz crystal has a unique property in that it is "piezo-electric" meaning that when pressure is applied, such as being held in the hand, it changes the polarity of the point from a positive, which is a receiving energy, to a negative, which is an emitting energy, and as such can be used as a wonderful tool for storing, transferring, focusing, receiving, transmitting and amplifying energy.

A beautiful manifestation of God's pure love and light, Crystal helps to bring celestial energy to the soul and can enhance and amplify both energy and thoughts. Believed by many of our indigenous people to be the brain cells of our living Mother Earth, and found universally in many cultural and religious practices throughout the world, the many different formations and characteristics of these crystals are a reflection of our own personalities and traits and tend to attract like-minded energies to themselves. When we see how determined they are to co-exist in harmony and find perfection, it reminds us that when we strive to be pure in body, mind and spirit, and grow with love, we too can find that perfection and completion in our lives. Crystal is a wonderful tool for communication and for receiving information from other-worldly masters, healers and teachers. It can be used to greatly increase the transmission of energy flows of love, light, peace and harmony for the greater good of all mankind.

SMOKEY QUARTZ Crystal is Rock Crystal which exhibits a light to dark smokey gray to black color throughout the crystal, usually due to being exposed to Uranium or other natural radiation during growth. The density and diffusion of the color depends greatly on the concentration of the radiation within the area as these crystals were forming.

Smokey Quartz is a wonderful companion stone for those who seek "grounding and centering," enhancing focus and attentiveness to the moment. In addition, it is an excellent choice for those seeking to promote creativity and "good business acumen" within all relationships in their lives. It has shown itself to be of great assistance in fighting the growth of the "free radical" and is also an excellent choice for those who are under a lot of stress.

CACOXENITE is a Hydrated Iron Aluminum Phosphate Oxide Hydroxide. Mostly occurring within our Agape Crystal, Amethyst or Quartz, it consists of acicular, needle-like crystals, ranging in color from brown inclusions to richly golden spears.

Cacoxenite included crystals are wonderful companions for those who are here to assist in the "enlightenment of humanity." They can help to bring a new spiritual awakening," promoting new ideas and understandings, and aid us in seeing the positive, and benevolent sides of life.

GOETHITE is an alpha-Hydrated Iron Oxide that occurs naturally and can be found within most iron mines. Habits may include prismatic as well as plate-like crystals, or aggregates, such as botryoidal and stalactitic formations. 

Goethite within Agape Crystals,  Amethyst and Quartz mostly appears as a chunky black deposit within the crystal. Amplified by the properties of the crystal, Goethite helps us to become "in tune" with the energies of the Angelic Realms and the Higher Self. It can amplify, facilitate and enhance communication with these realms, and can stimulate and augment clairaudient abilities. Goethite is also a wonderful companion stone for those wishing to lessen the burdens of distraction, and increase their abilities to concentrate and focus.

LEPIDOCROCITE is a Hydrated Iron Oxide which ranges in colors from ruby-red to gold to brown. Considered a "flambeau" mineral (from the Old French "flambe") or small fire) these inclusions remind me of tiny "tongues of fire" as they seem to streak through these crystals. They are usually ruby-red "flames" when found within Amethyst and Agape Crystals.

Lepidocrocite within Agape Crystal,  Amethyst or Quartz can help to promote grounding and centering, while acting as a stimulus to intellectual pursuits. It is extremely beneficial to clearing any mental confusion, and to expanding and retaining knowledge. This stone is also excellent for all those on an "ascension" path, helping to awaken and enhance communication with the Higher Self, and the ethereal, Angelic Realms.

RUTILE is a major ore of titanium, a metal which is used in high tech alloys because of its light weight, high strength and resistance to corrosion. A Titanium Oxide, Rutile is also finding its way into the gemstone markets. Often found as inclusions in Quartz, Amethyst and Agape Crystals it may appear as tiny strands of "angel-hair" which seem to stream through the Quartz and range in color from black to red to green to silver to gold, or it may be wider ribbons, usually in gold. Having a high refractive index (2.63) gives it a sparkle greater than that of a diamond (2.42) and makes it very desirable for jewelry.

Rutile within Agape Crystal, Quartz and Amethyst can bring strength coupled with love, ease in making transitions, and an accelerated growth in all levels of development, body, mind and spirit. It is an excellent choice for promoting and building stability within relationships, marriages and  emotional or mental imbalances. In addition, it is an incredible tool for dispelling unwanted energies in both the physical and spiritual realms, and can aid one in astral travel.

These Agape Crystals  never need clearing or cleansing and are wonderful companions, as well as tools to expedite spiritual enlightenment and our ascension process, and can be used in a variety of can place them on your third eye, meditating with them to share their energies, or you can place them between your thumbs and fore-fingers of both hands, completing a circuit right through your heart, to help calm, clear, balance and connect with your higher being. Wearing jewelry created from Agape Crystals has also been very empowering to the "light-worker agenda." Simply having them in your presence is enough to receive their gifts, and, since we do most of our healing at night while we sleep, these crystals are also great bed-side companions.

Many thanks for taking the time to read our review. It is our intention to provide enough information both in the physical and metaphysical arenas to answer any questions you may have about recognizing and understanding some of the properties of these wonderful crystals. If you found this review in any way helpful please let us know by clicking "yes" on the question below.